Hard Water Myths and Truth Behind Them

Hard water is a very common problem and every one faces it at one point of his or her life. It is very hard to tackle the problems caused by hard water and many people do not know how to solve it. It is also because a lot of people do not know the real truth behind hard water and believe the myths that they have been listening from others. But here we are with some of the most common hard water myths and the real truth behind them.


  1. Water Softeners add salt to water

It is a very common mistake that people make and think that water softeners are removing salts from water. It is true that if you are having a water softener installed in your home, the water you drink must not taste salty. But in reality, water softeners generally make use of ion exchange process to remove hard minerals like magnesium and calcium, which in return makes water hard.

So, if you are getting NaCl in your water, the softener replaces those sodium ions with some hard water minerals and thus you get tasteless but hard water to drink.

  1. Hard water is not contaminating

You might think that hard water can’t harms your, but it does in one or the other way. It’s just you might not notice it at once, but you will observe its disadvantages in the long run. Hard water damages your house plumbing because the high concentration of magnesium and calcium forms thin white hard to remove layer over time. This layer might increase in thickness over time and result in complete blockage of pipes. This might hinder the normal working of your daily appliances like dishwasher, washing machine etc. as well.

  1. Hard Water is very harmful to health

It is absolutely not true. Hard water is not harmful to your health but can cause some problems related to skin and hair. Also, hard water might hinder your cooking as well. So it is very important to soften the water before you use it for personal use.

  1. Water Softeners are similar to water purifiers

There is a difference between water purifiers and water softeners. Water softeners as the name say, are used to reduce the hardness of water. On the other hand, water purifier removes the harmful minerals and other contaminants from the water making it suitable for drinking and general usage.

  1. Water Softeners are Costly

Obviously, you will have to pay some amount while installing the water softener. But you can cut down the prices by getting the hard water running in your house analyzed. By this, you will come to know the things that you need to take care of while buying a water softener. You can find best water softener reviews on the internet as well that can help you pick the best machine that solves all your problems and also falls under your budget.

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